PaperMoon Diner, More Than Just Good Food

by Kaitlin Newman
Papermoon Diner in Baltimore Maryland is a whimsical, topsy turvy place of long forgotten toys.  Opened in 1994, Papermoon is a diner full of children’s toys covering the walls, ceilings and even floors. Every glance is a new assortment of items, artfully placed around the tables and windows. The food isn’t too bad either. Click Here to View Slideshow>>


Halloween Park: Not Your Average Haunt

by Kaitlin Newman
YorkHaven, Pennsylvania’s popular haunted house attracts nationwide attention for being the only interative haunted house in the country.  Read More >>

Towson’s First Zombie Walk

by Kaitlin Newman
Towson University’s first zombie walk was hosted on October 22nd, organized
by Bernardo Ordas. Makeup artists added gore to the scene and the zombies went on a rampage through campus. Click Here to View the Slideshow >>